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Single WAN Port SIPe®
Times are changing with advancing technologies.  Communication systems using serial networks are looking for solutions to get their data into Ethernet format.  Well look no further because One Stop Solutions Inc (1-SS) has that solution in the form of a SIPe.  The SIPe will enhance your present day communication systems in more way than one.

Provides solutions for
  • Any Encryption over Ethernet
  • Benign Fill
  • EoIP
Single WAN Port SIPe
Converting Serial Data to Ethernet
Products like WIMAX or 802.16 like radio systems are becoming a desirable means of communications.  IP satellite systems are becoming more popular and are being integrated into new communication systems being introduced to Department of Defense services.  With the majority of our armed services today use a serial multiplexing device, there is a need to provide a serial to Ethernet solution for economical reasons.  The SIPe is that economical solution that will allow a smooth transition to Everything over IP.
Legacy Encryption Devices
Most military communication elements today have serial crypto devices in inventory.  These devices have been used for many years and can be used for a long time to come.  The SIPe can provide the interface between serial multiplexers and serial encryption devices while converting your data to an Ethernet output.  This conversion enables your legacy communication system to utilize the new IP transmission technologies today without risking the security that a serial encryption device provides.


IP Encryption Devices

Protecting data is a serious task and must be handled carefully.  With the proper configuration, the SIPe could also be used with the newer IP encryption devices like the KG-250, TACLANE's and others.  Whether it’s a serial or IP cryptographic device you using, the SIPe will still take serial data and convert it to IP for that desirable IP transmission system.
Benign Fill – Key Transfer Method
The SIPe is a multi-solution providing device.  The National Security Agency (NSA) tested the SIPe in a 3 satellite hop configuration to transfer COMSEC key from one simple key loader (SKL) device to another SKL device.  There is an apparent need to transfer keying material safely and securely to remote areas without the need of a human courier.    The NSA test was successful with the out-of-the-box default configuration.  Transferring key via a STE are going to be memories when you get a SIPe. It’s just another feature you receive with the purchase of the SIPe.

Light and Easy
1-SS products are designed with the technical operator in mind.  It takes minutes to setup and configure the SIPe to an operational status.  This allows for the communication specialist to spend more time on other critical communication issues.  Other than the ease of use, the Single WAN Port SIPe weighs about one pound and is less than 1U high and 9” wide.  It is small and lightweight and delivers capabilities that are needed today.


Contact One Stop Solutions at (732) 483-4350 if you have any questions or have communication issues.  With the 70+ years of experience in the communication field, we could probably provide a solution your organization needs.


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