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 In the world of video surveillance, One Stop Solutions Inc. has developed innovative technology to provide superior wireless video.  Our C-ALL Surveillance System provides outstanding video quality over a secure wireless radio network which uses the EZ-IP Radio system.
Why Choose the C-ALL?
 The C-ALL Surveillance System is perfect for U.S. Military, Homeland Security, State and local entities that desire a surveillance system with multiple capabilities while maintaining affordability. The C-ALL is portable, uncomplicated, dependable and secure.  It is capable of carrying voice and other data over the network which is owned and controlled by the purchaser and not a third party eliminating recurring costs. Fiber optics and other wired systems are vulnerable when natural disasters or terrorist attacks compromise the infrastructure. 802.11 radio bands in most applications are saturated and present difficulties when carrying video over long distances. The C-ALL uses ultra low bandwidth enabling more cameras to be deployed within the vicinity by using a proprietary radio protocol on an unlicensed band.  In the event of a catastrophe the C-ALL can be removed in advance and/or replaced in minutes. Once an area is mapped more cameras can be deployed for emergencies or crowd control. Our cameras can run for days with our solar or battery back up options.  Directional antennas allow our camera images to be securely transmitted up to 50 miles facilitating antenna mast to mast transmissions. The C-ALL is the choice for those seeking a quick, easy, dependable, portable, all situation secure surveillance system.
Surveillance and Security.
  Users need flexibility and dependability in a surveillance system. The C-ALL Surveillance System can be deployed in all weather conditions. It can be installed on electrified poles in under an hour to provide high video  monitoring resolutions as desired. Once the mounting bracket have been installed and power is established at the pole the cameras can be deployed and redeployed in minutes. C-ALL systems can be purchased with trailer towers, building and pole mounts or vehicle fits. Our cameras are wireless joystick controlled for operator ease and offer multiple camera views per screen. Our unique data storage technology ensures no information loss as with other wireless systems. We offer vandal resistant and disguised enclosures for high risk or covert applications. Our systems can be expanded to address the localities unique needs through a range of accessories.
Cost Savings.
  The C-ALL can provide cost savings in many ways.  With our system, there are no recurring network operating costs as with cellular systems.  Our camera systems include our unique radio system creating a privately owned secure wireless network for the municipality or law enforcement agency.  C-ALL systems do not compete with internet or cellular traffic.  Having your own wireless network allows for the use of other voice applications like push-to-talk voice services, Voice over IP (VoIP) and even text messaging services to handheld devices.
 Productivity is increased using the C-ALL Surveillance System.  Emergency services can be deployed rapidly by a dispatcher when a need has been identified via the system.  Routine patrols can be minimized utilizing the system allowing for a more visible presence elsewhere. Our system can be expanded to include firefighting applications without incurring system rebuilds. Individual partitions are available to the emergency response departments allowing integration or separation as desired.
Sample applications.

About 1-SS
 Communications and integration are our areas of expertise.  We have over 70 years experience supporting the Department of Defense, Home Land Security, FEMA and other government agencies in tactical and strategic communications. We provide worldwide radio communications to Caterpillar Inc. for their specialty applications. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized quality communication solutions at economical prices.
Contact Us
 If you would like more information on the C-ALL Surveillance System or you would like more information on other products we provide, we would be pleased to answer any questions about our products.  You can reach us by phone at (732) 483-4350, email at or via the web at
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