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The EZ-IP Radio

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Wireless communication has arrived globally.  One Stop Solutions Inc. is providing custom solutions to those requiring the combination of autonomy and security with ease and dependability.  Within the wireless environment, the EZ-IP Radio structured solution allows law enforcement, emergency agencies and municipalities to implement video surveillance and maintain secure communications.
What do you get when you have our EZ-IP Radio?


              • A  dependable radio in a rugged weatherproof casing
              • IP-based transmission system using bridging technology
              • Unlicensed 2.4 GHz wireless radio spectrum, capable of working virtually in any country
              • Built in interference avoidance that allows it to be deployed in environments with heavy 2.4 GHz use without interference issues
              • 12 non-overlapping channels with 34 channels total
              • Repeater capability with no limit to how many radios can be deployed in a users system
              • Transmission rates of up to 2.75mb 
              • Security added with proprietary signaling and security schemes
              • Point-to-Point connections up to 50 miles
              • High Speed switching capability allows vehicles to send and receive information services while traveling between coverage areas.
              • Small, lightweight and easy to use for expert or novice users
Our EZ-IP Radio solutions can be used in virtually any communications environment where wires and their related maintenance are undesirable or not feasible.

Emergency Solutions


Extreme weather can wreak havoc on communities around the world.  Should a state of emergency exist for a community, will it have a contingency communication plan?  Will that community be at the mercy of larger agencies that must allocate resources which may not consider a particular community an immediate priority?
Our EZ-IP radio can be deployed quickly to restore local emergency communications usually in less than an hour.  The radio can quickly be aligned with other preplanned radios in areas unaffected by the disaster up to 50 miles away to restore emergency phone and data services.  The EZ-IP Radio system can utilize a 12-volt battery until main line electricity is restored.
Our company has extensive experience working with Military, Home Land Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other emergency agencies.  Working with these organizations gives us the ability to produce the best solutions for restoring communications in chaotic environments.  Our EZ-IP Radio system is just one of the many solutions we can provide.


Remote and Hazardous Communications Solutions


Wireless communication is the optimum transmission method for data or other communications in hazardous or remote areas.  Construction, landfills and mining industries can use our EZ-IP Radio system to deliver services such as GPS correction information, the internet, IP phone systems, video monitoring and other data transmissions.  Extreme conditions place a demand on reliability for G-force tolerances and environmental hazards which One Stop Solutions products have demonstrated reliability.
Each solution is customized for the application intended.  It can be expanded in service and utility without incurring a rebuild of the system.  This allows continuity of service and cost savings versus conventional systems.
Secure Wireless Video System Solutions


One Stop Solutions, Inc. C-ALL Surveillance System are tailored solutions for organization and municipalities who need flexibility and dependability in their surveillance systems.  We recognize that surveillance is an important weapon in any law enforcer's arsenal.  We also recognize that municipalities must maintain their budgets and evaluate expenditures for equipment.  Cost benefits of using One Stop Solutions, Inc.'s C-ALL Surveillance system include increased production in manpower by providing multiple coverage's of points of interest.  It also increases effectiveness because manpower can be deployed to troubled spots identified through camera surveillance.  Our C-ALL system is easily expanded without incurring new systems cost.  The system is provided in a compact weatherproof casing that allows them to be moved easily after initial deployment to new coverage areas if required,  Finally, other than the cost of electricity, a municipality has no recurring charges as with systems using cellular technology.






Caterpillar® (CAT) Solutions


CAT® Dealers recommend using our EZ-IP Radio because it is a reliable secure high speed wireless data communications solution for Caterpillar's Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES).  CAES has been deployed in landfills across America today; providing a more efficient and economical compaction operation, which extends the life of landfills.  Our EZ-IP radios carry GPS corrections and other information from the main CAES office system to and from the landfill vehicles navigation screens confirming when full compaction has been achieved resulting in savings of time and money.  One Stop Solutions EZ-IP Radio system and the CAES system are currently in operation at landfills across the U.S. with global installations planned in the near future.
Contact Us
If you have questions or would like additional information about our EZ-IP radio systems or C-ALL Surveillance systems, please contact us at (732) 483-4350 and a representative will be pleased to provide a no obligation response.  All inquires are responded to expeditiously.
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EZ-IP Radio